zealots of compton 

 Masters thesis : coming late august 

 rough draft 

Zealots of Compton


Space is perceived through the accumulation of objects. Space is self-referential, and we quantify it through the x, y, and z planes. These planes are infinite, making space infinite. When space is limited, these planes can be quantified to the bounding box. This bounding box could take the form of site limitations, size requirements, or context. The practice of architecture views the bounding box as a limiter, and not a field in which forms may construct space.  To construct space within the bounding box is to create with the box in mind: to choose when to smash along its faces, to set itself back inward, or even to surpass the bounding box given. What it means to construct space is either to convert space into an object or convert it into a realm for multiple objects. The forms that dance in the box don’t believe in fragmentation, nor continuity, but in moments of activity and moments of rest. My thesis considers posture, ground, perspective, and the volume a space has.

What are the implications the bounding box has in architectural practice at all scales – the home, the road, the city? The society we live in is built around parcel restrictions, old city codes, and systemic zone repression. But with these bounding boxes being adjusted, built upon, and corrected, how can architecture assist in its long-term development? Is architecture truly a singular act, or a treated as a series of upgrades.

Does the box rule the object inside, or is there an opportunity to create a new hierarchy, and challenge our limitations by constructing space? Can this produce a mantra that these forms follow at all scales? Forms that are zealots, fanatically uncompromising in their pursuit in the construction of space, rather then the inhabitation of one? It’s not about perceiving space but surpassing the definition of space by imbuing space with zeal – world making being the result. The zealot is the catalyst when considering the long term development of the bounding box and the objects in it. Accumulation, within the bounding box will be moments of activity and moments of rest. These moments are linked to a catalyst - a zealot, which gradually upgrades its boundaries.