Project Partner : Thomas Lanham



The series started with understanding the capabilities of new tool sets both analogue and digital that could express cohesiveness between natural and fabricated material. Our first attempts have been to provide a physical volume that could be translated to the digital world for transformation, through intensive digital scripting that begins to speak to extreme detail (the micro) to a macro composition. This means that a constant awareness of aesthetic, structure, and multi-material solutions ground the project in an innovative and futurist perspective.


The Analogue

In the Microhybrid, the “Analogue” is not necessarily just a material or approach to craft, but is interpreted as a volume out of our control, or controlled solely through intuitive responses. The analogue then becomes what we need.


The Digital

The digital is what we want. The digital solves our desire for increasing complexity in modularity. It is the problem solver for our generations continued advancement in intangible problems.



The connection between the digital and the analogue is the response of this new generation of architecture. This connection is now being seen at a micro level. Scale is the biggest correspondence of architecture and the digital. The non-existing to the existing – the paper to the built. This constant translation of scale, process, and material is Microhybrid.

December 09, 2016

Microhybrid projects below.