In advance systems course the main objection included examining how architectural concepts can be enhanced with appropriate structural systems. Through a series of lectures and precedent analysis, a proposal for a bus station is the proposal of the course.  The established structural system is a modular system. The design emphasizes a structural approach that resolves issues of fabrication, economy, and future programmatic expansion. By developing a singular structure, it could then be repeated for an overall architectural schematic.

In the case of the train station design and modular system acted as the vertical support for the overhang of the bus station. The overhangs hook onto the roof which provide shading for passengers. The overhang is compensated in terms of structural load by its mirrored structure. The Modular assignment is pushed even further with developments that include non-structural wiring along the structural frame. These frames can very in position, creating a series of lines that loosens a viewer understanding of what is structural. This aspect allows each modular component to have a degree of specificity when developed on site and break the visual repetition that typical modular systems may have in certain areas. The result is a bus station that resembles vines flowing through the structural system.