ALPHAFORMULATE are diagrammatic works, representing at a microscopic level an architecture cells’ metamorphosis. These cells and their microscopic reference hints at a scale unobtainable to human perception. Within ALPHAFORMULATE the core concepts of these pieces run parallel to central ideas of architecture and its practice. These concepts involve massing, articulation, and scale. The results bring descriptive rendering and drawing overlays that shift the architect into the scientist, questioning not only the scale of their actions, but the reactionary effects it has within the architecture.The process of ALPHAFORMULATE include facade studies of deconstructed buildings. The architecture is a living organism, made of these cells. The most import aspects are its intentions to not idealize the beauty of these sets of processes, rather to challenge the relationship of scale and architecture and how it may articulate itself in the build environment. It isn’t form creation, nor the dynamics of architecture, rather the titles that speak to a more sociological standard that has detached architecture from the rest of the world. By designing at a microscopic point of view, it brings architecture back as a natural process.This is accomplished through working in an interactive three-dimensional model. This digital space is considered the new lens through which to work on the micro. The organisms are then set to interact, and an image is captured of its metamorphosis. The single image taken is treated with the same standards as the plan and section, merely considered a representation of the architecture. This representative factor introduces a continuing notion of architectural representation, finding precedent in Daniel Libeskind’s MICROMEGAS.