canal house 

Project Partner: Hiral Arhir




During Eric Owen Moss Vertical Studio, a three-week exercise was completed – the program being a home north of Santa Monica. The studio aimed in the three-week exercise on what conditions or rules an architect may set at certain scales, and in this scenario the home. If the question of “What is a home?” should be asked, orientation, privacy, and stature should all be contextualized into the architecture through material and formal strategies. How this is done is by looking at the house through a series of pieces that address certain program needs such as sleeping, circulation, etc.

This piece by piece method was taken further by splitting the house into three parts. Each part had a distinct program for the house. This created a hierarchy, the solid form being the front of the house, while the transparent box being a studio space, overlooking the canal and the ocean. The tertiary form along the side is assigned as circulation.